Planning a Wedding Shower

Planning a wedding shower is just one of the many duties of a maid of honour. One of the ways to make this easier is to pick a theme for the shower. Whether you are planning a personal shower or a traditional one, a theme will make the decorating and food planning much simpler. Some really good themes are Tea Party, Wine Tasting, Pajama Party, Favorite Memories, and the most famous of all the Lingerie Party. These Themes can add great life and entertainment to your wedding shower.

The Tea Party theme can be very fun. You can have everyone dress up very elegantly with white gloves and lace. And with tea add some finger foods. It is a nice simple, elegant party.

The Wine Tasting Party is always fun. What makes this, so fun is that it is a couples wedding shower. This can be held at your house or even a brewery. It is great for the bride and groom to be, a very fun way to end the evening.

The Pajama Party is a party to be pampered. This is for the bride to be to get a manicure, pedicure, haircut or hairstyle, facial, etc. And the fun thing about this is that it is all done at your house! And all her friends enjoy getting one too all while in their favourite pajamas!

Favourite Memories is the most sentimental party for the bride. Get your friends to bring pictures of a favourite moment they had with the bride. Also, a fun game to play is guessing who. Get baby pictures of the bride and groom and their siblings. See who can guess who’s who.

If your friend is planning an exotic honeymoon to a tropical destination, why not have an island-themed wedding shower? Guests can wear leis, you can serve fruit kabobs, and decorations can be fresh flowers.

Try to capture your friend’s personality when you choose the theme for her shower. If she has a favourite colour, why not make that the theme of the party? Perhaps she loves to cook. Have each guest bring a favourite recipe and compile it into a cookbook for her to have.

Sometimes you will be throwing a party for someone who has already established her home and does not need any more pots, pans, or toasters. If you still want to throw a shower, make the theme of the shower “stocking the pantry.” Guests can bring pantry staples, spices, and other non-perishable food items that the happy couple can use in their first weeks and months together.

If your friend is into scrap booking, that could be the theme of her shower. Every guest could be asked to create a scrapbook page, or you could create them together at the shower, and the bride could leave with a new scrapbook full of memories and well wishes from her dearest friends.

Getting creative gives you the chance to throw a spectacular shower for your friend. Remember to consider her likes, dislikes, personality, and needs, and your shower is sure to be a success.



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